Monday, June 20, 2011

Learned Optimism by Martin Seligman

Inspirational Book To Transform Your Life - Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life 

“The traditional view of achievement, like the traditional view of depression, needs overhauling. Our workplaces and our schools operate on the conventional assumption that success results from a combination of talent and desire. When failure occurs, it is because either talent or desire is missing. But failure can also occur when talent and desire are present in abundance but optimism is missing.”
“The commonness of being knocked flat by troubles, however, does not mean it is acceptable or that life has to be this way. If you use a different explanatory style, you’ll be better equipped to cope with troubled times and keep them from propelling you towards depression.”
“What we want is not blind optimism but flexible optimism—optimism with its eyes open. We must be able to use pessimism’s keen sense of reality when we need it, but without having to dwell in its dark shadows.”

In a nutshell
Cultivation of an optimistic mindset significantly increases your chances of health, wealth, and happiness.

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