Sunday, June 19, 2011

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff... and It’s All Small Stuff by Richard Carlson

Inspirational Book To Transform Your Life -  Keeping It In Perspective

“So many people spend so much of their life energy ‘sweating the small stuff’ that they completely lose touch with the magic and beauty of life. When you commit to working towards this goal you will find that you have far more energy to be kinder and gentler.”
“One of the major reasons so many of us remain hurried, frightened and competitive, and continue to live life as if it were one giant emergency, is our fear that if we were to become more peaceful and loving, we would suddenly stop achieving our goals. We would become lazy and apathetic. You can put this fear to rest by realizing that the opposite is true. Fearful, frantic thinking takes an enormous amount of energy and drains the creativity and motivation from our lives.”

Become an early riser
Getting up long before his wife and children gives Carlson a “golden hour” in which to read, meditate, or think about the day in peace and solitude. Many have told him that this single act of becoming an early riser has revolutionized their life.

Let go of the idea that gentle, relaxed people can’t be superachievers
A frantic life of constant emergencies somehow seems to fit our idea of forceful, achieving individuals. Our idea of becoming more peaceful and loving seems to equate with a dreamy apathy. However, frantic thinking and constant movement leach motivation and real success from our lives.

If inner peace becomes your habit, there is ease in the way you achieve your goals and serve others.

Don’t interrupt others or finish their sentences
This is a surprisingly easy way to become a more relaxed, loving person—try it.

Learn to live in the present moment
John Lennon said that “Life is what happens when we are busy making other plans.” With attention to the present moment, fear—being associated mostly with an imaginary future—tends not to exist. You may be amazed how easily tomorrow’s troubles sort themselves out. Make this a habit of mind and see life subtly transformed.

Allow yourself to be bored
Don’t be afraid of the vacant moment. You are a human being, not a “human doing,” so just be and consider your boredness. You may be surprised at how it clears the mind and provides new thoughts.

Imagine yourself at your own funeral
This is a super-valuable way of reassessing your priorities now, when it matters. Not many people, looking back on their life, would be pleased by how much of it they spent being uptight, with all the “small stuff” over which they sweated. Ask yourself: What sort of person was I? Did I do the things I loved and did I really love and cherish those close to me every day?

Redefine a meaningful accomplishment
Instead of always thinking of an accomplishment as an external thing, ask yourself about the achievements you have made in terms of your self. This could include, for instance, staying centered in the face of adversity.

Be open to “what is”
The world is frequently not how you would like it to be. When someone disapproves of you, even someone close, or if at work there is some sort of failure, acknowledge to yourself that this is the case, rather than automatically becoming emotional about it. After some time, things that once bothered you so much slip by without damage. In many ways, you are free of them.

In a nutshell
Put your little struggles into perspective; by doing this you can gain more enjoyment of other people and life generally.

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